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Learning Together at Home


Hayley Anderson - Learning Together at Home Fieldworker

Learning Together at Home Brochure - 2017

What is Learning Together @ Home?

Learning Together @ Home is a free service to help you support your child’s learning through play.

Our Learning Together @ Home Fieldworker is Hayley Anderson.

Hayley will visit you and your family in your own home regularly at a suitable day and time. 

What happens at Learning Together @ Home?

Each family’s experience is a little different and what happens will depend on your family’s needs.

Hayley will work together with you and your child, and will:

·        play, sing and talk together so you can all get to know each other

·        help you to bring play into your everyday activities

·        work with you to set some goals.

What will you get out of Learning Together @ Home?

You can:

·        discover more about;

~       how your child learns

~       your child’s behaviour

~       ways to help your child learn

·        ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask

·        connect to other early childhood services and specialists.

Children learn from the moment they are born.  Your role as parent or carer is central to helping your child learn.

With Hayley’s help you can learn how to develop those learning skills and support your child to become confident and independent.

Who can use Learning Together @Home?

Learning Together @ Home is a service for families with children who might need a little extra support up to 4 years old.

The reasons for this could be:

·        social isolation

·        someone in your family, including a child, who has;

~       mental health issues

~       developmental delay, disabilities or learning difficulties

·        newly arrived in Australia

·        young parents

·        life stresses such as, illness, multiple births or even financial pressures

·        living somewhere remote (geographically isolated)


If you would like to know more about Learning Together @ Home please feel free to speak to one of our staff members or contact Hayley on 0437 736 556.

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