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Learning and Care

As a parent or carer of a young child, you are the main influence on your child’s development. Early childhood learning and care services exist to help you with this important role.

Learning and care services offered by Children’s Centres operate under the National Quality Framework (NQF). The NQF aims to raise the quality of services across Australia through its National Quality Standard. The standard includes the Early Years Learning Framework, a curriculum framework to guide staff in developing quality learning and care programs for children.

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Occasional Care

Occasional Care is short term 'sometimes' child care for babies, toddlers and children under 4 years. Our centre runs three 3-hour sessions a week. Care is available for up to one session per week, depending on availability.


Preschool provides 15 hours of universal access to preschool for children 4 years of age. Aboriginal children and children under the guardianship of the Minister are able to attend sessional preschool from 3 years of age. Preschool programs are play-based educational programs designed and delivered by qualified teachers using the national curriculum framework.

Preschool operates from Monday to Friday during school terms.  Children are entitled to attend for up to fifteen hours per week. In 2017, there are two groups that attend session as follows.

Galda: Mon & Tues, 8.30- 3.15, alternate Fridays 8.30-11.30

Mili: Weds & Thurs, 8.30- 3.15, alternate Fridays 8.30-11.30

The Inclusive Preschool Program operates for up to six children with high support needs and disabilities, with children attending up to fifteen hours per week.

Waroo (IPP) Mon, Tues, 8.45 - 3.15, alternate Weds 8.45- 12.45


Playgroup provides an interactive and fun opportunity for children and parents to play and learn together. Playgroups are usually supported by an early childhood professional to provide support, information and advice regarding children’s health, learning and development. Community Playgroup provides opportunities for parents and children aged birth to four years to interact and socialise in a play-based setting.

Baby Song Time is a fun and interactive music-based playgroup for children under two years.

Aboriginal (Nunga) Playgroup provides local Aboriginal families with an opportunity to support their children's learning and development through play.

Intergenerational Playgroup is held in a local aged care facility and promotes relationships and play between aged care residents and families.

Bush Playgroup is held once a month in various locations encouraging nature play.

See the What's Happening page for program times and dates.